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Pocket Teacher is proud to introduce a newly developed virtual learning platform. Pocket Teacher provides reading, FSA skills, and math resources in a virtual platform that is designed to simultaneously engage both teachers and students learning from home. 


At Pocket Teacher we understand that many elementary students are still learning remotely from home and some might be lacking math/reading content. We at Pocket Teacher offer web-based instructors that can provide your children with the level of rigorous instruction necessary to yield the best results!


Pocket Teacher’s virtual math and reading lessons are all aligned to the Florida State Standards.  Each set of standards-based lessons offer direct instructional components that are guaranteed to increase student test scores. Our secret ingredient is our highly trained Florida certified teachers who ensure students maintain the skills learned.

Pocket Teacher Features:

Florida Math Standards (K-5)

Florida Reading Standards (K-5)

Math/Reading Ready-made Google Slide presentations

AR/Sunshine State book Google slide presentations

Animated and interactive quizzes and games

Lesson recap insights

Who are we?


We are a team of passionate Florida teachers who provide families with amazing digital learning possibilities!

What are we providing?


We are providing live, fully virtual classes that are designed to meet the Florida State Standards and your child’s unique needs.

Why choose us?


  • We have an amazing staff! All of our teachers are certified by the Florida Department of Education.
  • Creative materials and tools to support your child’s learning and progress.
  • Small class sizes! Each lesson has a maximum of 10 students so teachers can provide your child with more individualized support.